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The statements, technical information and recommendations contained herein are believed to be accurate as of the date hereof. Since the conditions and methods of use of the product and of the information referred to herein are beyond our control, Merona Healthcare expressly disclaims any and all liability as to any results obtained or arising from any use of the product or reliance on such information; NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, IS MADE CONCERNING THE GOODS DESCRIBED OR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED HEREIN.

The information provided herein should not be considered as a substitute for the advice of a medical doctor or other healthcare professional, and the products are to be used strictly under the supervision of a medical doctor or other healthcare professional. Furthermore, although several scientific studies have been conducted on the use of the products distributed by Merona Healthcare, Merona Healthcare makes no assumption of responsibility and it is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer of the products to determine and ensure the efficacy and safety of the products, and the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations where the products are to be retailed, and to obtain any and all required certifications and lab testing for those markets. It is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer of the products to evaluate the product under actual end-use requirements and to adequately ensure purchasers, users, and/or learned intermediaries are kept informed of pertinent risks. Merona Healthcare will do its utmost to ensure this information is made available to any buyer or distributor as soon as it is made available to Merona Healthcare.

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Please note that at the present time, there are no diagnostic or antibody COVID-19 test kits that are authorized, cleared, or approved to be used completely at home, according to the FDA. Testing in the home can present unique and potentially serious public health risks, including whether a lay user has the ability to collect their specimen, run the test, and interpret their results accurately. All rapid test kits with FDA Emergency use authorization are for professional use.

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